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Heather & Adam Snow Love <3

It’s not every day that it snows it Texas. On a average we may get snow one or two days out of the year, I mean it’s Texas! We are use to hot hot 100 degree weather. On February 4th the clouds closed off the sun and 6-8 inches of snow fell from the sky!! It was a beautiful winter wonderland…..a gorgeous blanket of snow! There was no way I was going to miss taking fun photos in the snow!! I was so exicted when my sister, Heather agreed! I texted her at 1am and said “WE are doing this!!” lol….she was still up and outside with my parents playing in the snow as it came down. As soon as Adam, Heathers wonderful boyfriend got off work we were heading to the park!! Heather and Adam are sooo fun together and are huge goof balls!! There was no way I could not get a good fun shot!! We were only able to take 30 min before we could no longer feel our feet or hands…LOL!! but we left with some awesome images!!!! I love them…..so beautiful and FUN!!!! Hope you love them sis Heather and her man, Adam!! lol….I had a blast! :) xoxo

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