~Carmine’s 3rd Birthday Portraits~

Carmine is my nephew!! He is unlike any other little boy I know! He has the biggest personality and we all love him so much! Carmine has gone through many stages, like all children. His stages are characters! lol….he started off as a Conductor from Thomas the Train. He had the whistle, hat, and striped outfit! So Cute!! Then he changed to Batman! well….sometimes he still is Batman…lol! He has everything Batman and watched all the movies and cartoons:)He even does a Batman face where is looks real mean and tough >:/ Now, he is in my favorite stage so far! My mom was watching This Is It, the Michael Jackson movie. After that, Carmine was HOOKED!!! He can not stop watching anything Michael Jackson! He thinks he IS Michael Jackson and sings and dances along with him!! It is sooooooo cute! He puts on his glasses and he is in the zone! lol For his 3rd birthday his mom and dad even hired a Michael Jackson impersonator! WOW!!!! The Michael Jackson impersonator was AWESOME! and Carmine was in total shock! He brags and tells everyone Michael Jackson came to my party! lol For Carmines portraits his mom wanted somewhere that fit his personality. I knew Deep Ellum would be perfect with all the colored walls, music, and art everywhere! Love you Carmine!! Happy 3rd Birthday Something!! xoxoxo

Here Carmine is dancing to Thriller….lol he is a zombie!

Carmine showing how old he is…..I THREEE!! hehe

Valerie - Yes Melinda Carmine is too much! lol….he makes everyone laugh and he LOVES his belt! he thinks anything black is like Batman so he loves it! He says my dads car and my car are Batman cars b/c they are black! lol….

Melinda Leal - Umm…look at the little swag master in training! :) I LOVE his pics. You can’t see it in any picture but one…but I LOVE his belt! LOL

Dora - SSSOOO sweet I love them he is so funny they all show just what his personality is all about GREAT JOB

Valerie - Thanks Leslie!!! Glad you like them!! xoxo

***Leslie*** - AWW MY BABY,He’s the best..THANKS sooo much for the pic they came out GREAT!!! We love you ALWAYS!!!

Valerie - Thanks Heather! yeah he was a little ham out there! lol….The ones that he is making goofy faces I kept for Leslie! Yeah those were hilarious! Somethingelse!!!!

Heather - Aww, what great pictures! They are all so good. You can definitely tell he likes taking pictures haha. You should have posted the funny ones too! They crack me up.

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