About Me

My name is Valerie Valdez and here is a little about me:
I’m engaged to the most amazing man, Noel. He has my heart and soul <3
I love my family
I love my beautiful daughter
I love that I have the greatest mother in the world (sooo blessed)
I love photography
I love weddings and the chance of photographing them is amazing!
I love my little dog “bear” he is soooo cute and little
I love traveling and seeing the world
I love sweets!! ice cream and warm cookies hit the spot!:)
I love rock music, from the Beatles to todays rock ( I grew up on it and still love it)
I love seeing people smile and it’s even better when I make them smile
I love to laugh
I love to dance
I love to live life to the fullest (I’ll always try something at least once)
I love being outdoors (only when the temp is under 95) I live in Texas and we have 100  days. I stay in for those days! haha
I love making new friends and meeting interesting people
I love my nephew Carmine, who thinks he is Michael Jackson! haha…he is only 4 and can dance his moves! ¬†:)
“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving.
What you have caught is captured forever… it remembers
little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”
-Aaron Siskind
Valerie Valdez <3