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Yolanda’s Beautiful Portrait Session

About two month ago Yolanda sent me a message requesting some information on my portraits sessions. I was so excited and ready to book her appointment! She told me that she need to contact her hubby Will to get his approval as well. Sadly, he told her NO!! Whhha Whhhat!! :( I understood…a little! lol so I get a message from Will a few weeks later wanting to surprise his wife with the portrait session!! YAY!!! He told me that he was going to tell her the day of! but all us girls know we need more than a day to get prepared for a session! We have to decide on cloths, hair, and makeup! It’s a must! lol…I informed him that it would be best to give her at least a few days notice? He wanted to surprise her but did not know how but just coming right out and telling her “surprise”! So I told him I would come up with something he could give her, something she could hold in her hands and be a little but more special :) So, the search for a perfect idea was on!! I was in the store for about an hour and came out with a beautiful hand made gift box! She was soooooo excited when she got it!! She loved the gift box and LOVED the portrait session!! It was so much fun and Yolanda is gorgeous so she made all the photos amazing!!! Thanks Will and Yolanda!! I’ve had a blast on our two month journey :)

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